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About the album - On The Other Road

I could write a lot of words about this band and these recordings... but what it comes down to is this...

Get the album, set aside some time to listen when you're not doing anything else, play the album - start-to-finish - at least once (hopefully loud enough that you might worry that you're bothering your neighbors a little) then do it again.

It's better to really listen to an album when you can actually focus for a while. And - it can be fun. It can be a little like sitting in your home in the late afternoon... and when it starts to get dark - you leave all the lights off - no TV, no distractions - and you just watch it get dark... and listen to nothing. That can get you back in touch with what it is to focus. It's like when you were a kid, and summer felt like it lasted a whole year - a really good long year that you didn't want to ever forget.

Loud - is because when it's loud enough to shake things just a little, you will hear things in a mix that you would not hear when it's turned down low. I don't mean so loud that everything's all distorted... but loud enough so you can feel the bass - and the highs are cutting through.

Start-to-finish - is because this album, like other albums that are carefully sequenced, was put together to be one thing. Every individual song is one thing, too. But, it's shaped into a new thing that's even better when played as a whole.

At least once - is because as humans in today's world, we're so busy that our abiity to focus is broken... fragmented. We're just not that good at focusing. And, focusing can be really fun. So - more than once might give you the chance to enjoy all the bits you missed the first time through.

Our new album "On the other road", is again on Gesso Records and is available at iTunes, CDbaby.com, Amazon.com and other online music stores. We had an amazing mastering engineer, Holger Lagerfeldt, who helped us make this album sing. I hope you buy it, listen hard and really enjoy it.


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